Our Story

Who we are 

Endless Stationery is a premium stationery brand made for, by, and with creators. What began as an idea to help creators enjoy an outstanding stationery experience is today a global brand serving and delighting people in more than 20 nations. 

Endless was started by Dheeraj Nanduri and Aditya Bhansali in 2019 with one goal - to create stationery tools that allow everyone to express themselves in the best way possible! 

User Experience will forever be at the heart of our products.. We researched the market and found a real shortage of quality products, or rather, a lack of awareness of what quality stationery is. 

Ultimately, we want our consumers to never compromise when it comes to exploring their potential because only then will you discover the true essence of Endless…

What we do

At Endless, we’re solving stationery problems our consumers put up with and thought were unsolvable, until now. From feathering (ink spreading around what you write), to bleeding (ink seeping on to the other side of the paper), to ghosting (writing being visible on the other side), we’ve created notebooks that will visibly enhance your writing or sketching experience.

It’s simple - we have a zero tolerance policy towards any of the above problems, and will only accept the highest standards of user experience for you.

Apart from solving the above problems, the high quality Regalia paper that we’ve used has been carefully chosen for its incredibly quick ink dry time. Whether it’s thoughts and sketches on-the-go or carefully planned out complex creations, our Endless notebooks will always be ready to absorb your thoughts and musings.

Who we want to be 

Our vision is as clear and pristine as the notebooks we make - we want to be the most recommended stationery brand by creators, worldwide. Simple. We’d also want to continue building on our global presence and hope to have Endless creators in every corner of planet Earth.

What will drive us is you - the creator. By raising your expectations through our products, we hope to continue excelling by always making relevant products that will stand the test of time, from day 1.