New Release


Hardcover notebook that lays flat from Day 1


Made from Plant-based and Eco-Friendly Leather
Carry more than just your thoughts

Cotton Wallet

Made for the Explorer Standard Size

Endless Explorer

Now available in exciting new colours
80 GSM Regalia Paper


Experience writing like never before with our Regalia Paper

An Endless promise to delight and craft a premium stationery experience

We at Endless are more than just product designers. We are your allies, comrades, collaborators, partners, and everything else in between. Why? Because for us stationery is more than just writing or drawing tools. It's an extension of the soul that expresses what it feels, when it feels, without having to ever compromise on its standards. Premium stationery begets premium thoughts.

Thoughtfully designed stationery. Crafted for Creators.

Why choose endless

Expansive Digital Asset Library

Our products are easy to market with our creative team who will assist in creating specialised collaterals for all our products

Brand awareness development

All Endless retailers will enjoy an added boost of marketing as we include your retailer names and branding in all of our amplification campaigns. We grow when you grow with us, and every Endless retailer partner will always have our support in all ways possible.

Retailer specific exclusives

Your look, your style, your brand. Need customized stationery for your company or team? Consider it done! 



The Explorer is a canvas waiting for you to ink your thoughts and ideas. Watch the leather sleeve evolve as you do, and become uniquely yours with an exquisite natural patina. Every Explorer is accompanied by an open-type leather Pen Loop.

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The Recorder Notebook is made from our proprietary and ink-loving Regalia paper. A companion that goes everywhere with you. Compact, sturdy, dependable – the Recorder is everything that you wished for!

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A fresh page just a flip away. Notebooks specifically designed to jot down your quick thoughts and ideas. Soft-cover and centre-stitched with a thread, these sturdy notebooks are always ready for action.

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A careful selection of handcrafted goods to compliment your Endless product. Every accessory has been designed to serve a functionality to the best of it ability while increasing the aesthetic appeal.

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We got a sample at the shop today
and everyone is trying it. So far, raves!

- Scott Fares

Regalia is a bright white 80gsm paper which produces amazing shading and sheen, and acts like a velvet cushion for even my finest nibs. Endless Works, you really knocked this one out of the park.


In general I’m very impressed with the new Regalia paper, my anxiety of loosing out on the old TR68 is now more
of nostalgia rather than a real one.

- Murugeyson K Ram

Can't do a thing about it. World's best notebook, period.

Eli Weisz

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook would also be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace